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16 Apr 2024

Trailblazer Spotlight: Meet the charities speaking at this year’s show

Oncology Professional Care is proud to collaborate with a wide range of charities –  both as exhibitors and speakers – working at the very forefront of improving cancer care and outcomes. Each year, we hope to work with an increasing number of these groups who dedicate their time to helping those living with and beyond cancer. Without their support, our event would not be able to do justice to our mission of representing the entire oncology community to focus on improving patient experience.

We are delighted to offer a platform to various charities across our content theatres so that they can discuss the key issues they tackle in their work and showcase the important projects they undertake. Let’s take a look at some of charities who are taking to the stage to speak at this year’s show…





UKONS stands for United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society. We are a Registered Charity run voluntarily by cancer nurses for cancer nurses. UKONS has an annual conference in November each year, publishes a fortnightly newsletter, holds multiple cancer nurse education events throughout the year and collaborates with multiple organisations that support the development of specialist cancer nurses.

By supporting cancer nurses in their research, learning and development, they inspire and promote excellence in cancer care.

UKONS aims to promote excellence in the nursing management and care of all those directly and indirectly affected by cancer in all four countries of the UK. They work at both local and regional levels to ensure that UKONS strives to represent the voice for all cancer nurses across the UK. By engaging with the educational and developmental needs of their members they also play an advisory role in the development of cancer guidelines and policy.



BOPA is the British Oncology Pharmacy Association, founded in the autumn of 1996 and grew out of the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA).

The purpose of BOPA, which is a registered charity, is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer through education, communication, research and innovation by an alliance of hospital, community and academic pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, those in the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare professionals.

BOPA’s principal objective is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer, thereby improving their quality of life. We aim to do this within our ten Mission Statements.

Teenage Cancer Trust




Teenage Cancer Trust is a cancer care and support charity in the UK that exists to improve the cancer experience of young people aged 13–24. They are the only UK charity dedicated to meeting the vital need of providing young people specialised nursing care and support – so no young person faces cancer alone.

Teenage Cancer Trust make sure young people have someone in their corner right from the start. Their nurses and youth workers walk with young people from diagnosis through every step of their treatment, and for up to two years afterwards, so that they can recover and live life to the full.

The trust offers unique care and support, designed for and with young people. They fund specialised nurses, youth workers and hospital units in the NHS, so young people have dedicated staff and facilities to support them throughout treatment. They also run events for young people with cancer to help them regain independence and meet other young people going through something similar. Moreover, they provide easy-to-understand information about every aspect of living with cancer as a young person.

Macmillan Cancer Support




Macmillan Cancer Support exists to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer - those with cancer and their families, carers and communities. They are a source for support, helping anyone affected by cancer navigate through the system to get what they need, and a force for change, working to improve cancer care.

It’s not only patients who live with cancer; the organisation also helps carers, families and communities. It funds nurses and other specialist health care professionals and builds cancer care centres. It is a force for change, listening to people affected by cancer and working collaboratively to improve cancer care.

Whether you’re a patient, family member, friend or carer, their NHS team is here for you at any stage of your care pathway – from diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond.

Breast Cancer Now




“We're Breast Cancer Now. We’re here to change the lives of people affected by breast cancer. How? By combining the power of research and support.”

Breast Cancer Now is the United Kingdom's largest breast cancer charity. The organisation is there for anyone affected by breast cancer, the whole way through, providing support for today and hope for the future, with the vision to make sure that by 2050, everyone diagnosed with breast cancer lives and is supported to live well.

Breast Cancer Now’s world-class researchers are working in labs across the UK and Ireland to create a world where the words "breast cancer" aren't met with fear. Through their own research and funding others, they’re building a brighter future for everyone affected by breast cancer.

And because over 600,000 people are living with or beyond the disease, they also provide support for today. Their helpline, health information, and support services are here for breast cancer patients, survivors and loved ones, every step of the way.

They are the trusted friend that people affected by breast cancer turn to for caring support when they need it most. The expert authority on breast cancer research who is making breakthroughs and driving forward progress. And a vehicle for change, acting now to make sure anyone affected by breast cancer gets the best possible treatment and care.

World Cancer Research Fund



World Cancer Research Fund is the UK’s cancer prevention charity. For 30 years they have been translating the latest scientific evidence on the links between diet, weight, physical activity, and cancer, into practical health education and advice to help people reduce their cancer risk and increase their chances of survival. They are proud to be a Trusted Advisor to the World Health Organization at the highest science and policy levels.

The charity shares practical advice with the public and health professionals to help people reduce their risk of developing cancer, and to help more people survive cancer. They have a free package for health professionals to ensure their messages reach more people. The package includes CPD workshops, webinars, e-learning course and a regular newsletter, Informed. Their free health information includes health advice booklets, online health checks, cookbooks, recipes and blogs. All of their publications are reviewed by members of the public to ensure their information is understandable and relevant.

They are also expanding their support for people living with and beyond cancer. Moreover, they provide practical tips and advice – such as their Eat well during cancer booklet, recipes, cook-along classes, nutrition and cancer helpline and online support groups where people with cancer can come together and share their stories as well as get personalised advice from an oncology dietitian.

Myeloma UK


For 25 years Myeloma UK has been working to make myeloma history. Myeloma UK is the only charity in the UK that focuses on the incurable blood cancer myeloma and its related conditions. Because myeloma is such an individual cancer, they make sure what patients and families want is at the heart of everything they do. 

Myeloma UK is determined that no-one goes through myeloma alone. They are there to provide information and support to anyone affected by the incurable blood cancer, myeloma.  Patients, families, friends, and carers can all draw on their information centre, support groups, discussion forums and Infoline for support when they need it. 

They also invest in research that helps us understand how myeloma develops and progresses, and they do this to help everyone working in myeloma better understand and meet the needs of myeloma patients and help deliver change.  

They do this because they want to see a better tomorrow for patients. They represent the voices of people affected by myeloma to government, the NHS and the wider healthcare sector to improve access to the latest treatments, remove barriers to prompt diagnosis, and improve the design and delivery of care. 

Radiotherapy UK




Radiotherapy UK is the only charity dedicated to improving radiotherapy treatment throughout the UK. They believe that everyone in the country – no matter who they are or where they live – should have access to the best radiotherapy treatment available. They are committed to supporting and promoting radiotherapy professionals across the NHS and private sector. Radiotherapy UK works with industry partners, professional bodies and cancer charities to raise the profile of radiotherapy and its highly specialised workforce.

The charity campaigns for a world-class radiotherapy service for patients, provides quality information and resources about radiotherapy to patients and supports the development and engagement of this highly skilled and dynamic radiotherapy workforce.

The Swallows



The Swallows is a nationwide Head and Neck Cancer Charity, known also as “The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Group” due to the difficulty a lot of patients and survivors have with swallowing. The group is designed to provide help with patients and carers.

The Swallows was formed by likeminded cancer patients to help and support fellow sufferers and their carers. If you are looking for support please come to their meeting.

The charity reaches out and offer fantastic support 24/7 and will refer you to other 3rd party services if that’s what you need. The charity is run by patients, carers, family and friends, so everyone understands the problems when you are diagnosed with cancer.

Given the importance of early diagnosis, they also offer a full range of information leaflets, posters, and books to help educate and inform people about head and neck cancer, including how to avoid such cancers, and how to look for warning signs that allow for early diagnosis and treatment.

This year, the Swallows was voted Oncology Professional Care 2024’s Charity of the Year.

Tackle Prostate Cancer




“We are the only patient-led, UK-wide charity representing people with Prostate Cancer and those who care for them.”

The Prostate Cancer Support Federation (now known as Tackle – The National Federation of Prostate Cancer Support Groups) was launched at Imperial College in April 2008 and was formed from four peer-led organisations. These organisations consist of PCaSO Prostate Cancer Network, PCSA Central England, Prostate Cancer Support and PSA Prostate Cancer Support Association.

Since the formation of the federation there has been huge developments in the way individuals, organisations and communities have or can be supported in the best possible way.

At present, they work with a range of stakeholders and partners from across the Prostate Cancer community, including Prostate Cancer Research, Prostate Cancer UK, Macmillan, Orchid, and CHAPs to mention a few. Their group is small and informal, come along and meet others affected by prostate cancer to share experiences and information over a cup of tea/coffee.

BRCA+ Chat




“We are a tiny, but national U.K charity, which aims to help all humans navigating a BRCA gene mutation (or other related gene). Whether you are considering testing, have already been tested, have been diagnosed with cancer – or are a buddy wanting to support a friend (you champ, you), we are here for you.

Our board of Trustees are (mostly) all BRCA+ Humans, who all felt overwhelmed and alone when first diagnosed. We recognised a need for more support services in the U.K – and just wanted a friendly BRCA buddy to spell it out to us.

We are not here to provide medical advice, but we can support emotionally, or put you in touch with services that can help.”

South Asian Supernovas 




South Asian Supernovas is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at improving awareness and outcomes for breast cancer in South Asian women in the UK. They consider inequalities faced in cancer care in South Asians by considering co-morbidities, culture and cultural conditioning and colonisation of medicine to educate and support those working with this group.

The organisation’s mission is to work alongside community, medical and oncology professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, and media to raise awareness and remedy inequalities in the breast cancer care of South Asians in the UK. Known barriers to care include comorbidities, language, reach, trust, religion, culture and lifestyle.

The South Asian Supernovas has been established to alleviate known barriers through research, awareness campaigns and collaborating with key stakeholders in the breast cancer space to improve the experiences of people from the South Asian community.

Penny Brohn




Penny Brohn UK is the cancer health and wellbeing charity. We help people feel better in mind, body and spirit by offering everybody with cancer a choice of personalised cancer care. All free, safe and backed by research.

Their personalised approach offers a whole 'toolbox' of ways to feel more informed and supported with cancer in ways that work for clients. Their services are based around six themes or pillars: Eat Well, Move More, Your Mind Matters, Rest and Relax, Lift Your Spirits and Feel Better.

All their services are led by our qualified and experienced practitioner team, are free to join, and are accessed following a registration process that can be completed online or with their Client Support Team. Clients may self-refer and we welcome referrals from health care professionals.

Bowel Research UK




Bowel Research UK is a national medical research charity dedicated to funding new treatments and potential cures for bowel cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other bowel disorders. The charity’s goal is to save lives while also enabling people living with chronic bowel conditions to enjoy a much better quality of life.

They fund cutting-edge medical research projects that have the potential to go from the laboratory bench all the way through to the patient’s bedside.  Currently the charity funds 59 research projects but are looking to grow this number as we raise new funds.

The charity carefully evaluates applications for funding from individual academic researchers and small research teams that have the potential to become breakthrough cures and treatments for bowel disorders.

Bowel Research UK is not risk averse. They actively support promising but early stage projects that typically do not come within the orbit of other funding sources. The bulk of their individual grants are around £50,000 which is usually sufficient for proof of concept. They are also keen to support the next generation of bowel disease experts and to this end we fund annually PhD awards.

Their goal is to fund projects through to the point where larger funding bodies, including commercial pharmaceutical companies, can add their financial muscle and developmental expertise to achieve scale. Out of tiny acorns mighty oak trees grow.

Blood Cancer UK


blood cancer


Blood Cancer UK is a community dedicated to beating blood cancer by funding research and supporting those affected.

“We’re the scientists who pledge their careers to finding cures. We’re the nurses who find the right words in the darkest moments. We’re the campaigners and volunteers standing up for the people we love. We’re the bucket-collectors, race-runners and cake-bakers who make research breakthroughs possible. We’re the friends, parents, children and grandparents affected by blood cancer.”

The charity has invested over £500 million in blood cancer research, transforming treatments and saving lives.

Black Women Rising Charity 




The Black Women Rising cancer support project is the flagship programme of The Leanne Pero Foundation, a registered UK charity offering vital help, information and practical advice for people of colour who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The mission at Black Women Rising is to educate, inspire and bring opportunities for women from the BAME community, to connect with one another and share their stories, without fear or shame.

The heart of the project lies in its monthly peer-to-peer support groups. It has also run many pamper events for women of colour and had members featured in many cancer awareness brand campaigns such as PrettyLittleThing, Stella McCartney, Estée Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Campaign, GHD and Zalando to name just a few.

Black Women Rising has a popular weekly podcast that tells stories of their inspirational women. The most recent success of Black Women Rising has seen the launch of the Black Women Rising Magazine which will serve as another opportunity to empower women of colour as they navigate their cancer journeys.

Sakoon Through Cancer




“The word Sakoon means peace and tranquillity, in order to overcome adversity, we need Sakoon in our lives to transition to the life we truly want to live. We will advance the support and well-being for breast cancer patients specifically for people of South Asian backgrounds.”

Sakoon Through Cancer understand through our experiences that women from South Asian communities face culturally different challenges and issues, and they work to break the taboo and fill the needs of the community through their programmes and services.

The charity wants to collaborate with a wide range of partners and providers to deliver an outstanding service. Collaboration with partners and businesses is at the heart of what we do.

Sakoon Through Cancer’s aims are to grow a local and virtual self-support group for patients and their families’ carers and friends offering culturally appropriate peer support and tailored information and events. They provide a safe space where practical and sensitive support is offered during and after the treatment period, for as long as you need.

Their vision is that every South Asian breast cancer patient can access local help and support that they need in a way that suits their culture, background and lifestyle, creating a safe space for all.

OUTPatients Charity





OUTpatients is the UK’s only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity. We’re proudly led by and for LGBTIQ+ people affected by cancer, and work hard to support and advocate for our community.

Their goal is to help patients, survivors, partners and caregivers feel welcome and supported in cancer services. Through peer support, education, and bespoke resource production, it is their mission to transform cancer care into a more inclusive environment for everyone.

“Our passion to support others is born out of personal experience. We understand what it’s like to not see yourself reflected in the services you use, especially at such a personal and profound time in your life.”

OUTpatients want patients, survivors, partners, and caregivers to feel welcome in cancer services. This is why they have made it their mission to transform cancer care into a more inclusive environment using a multi-layered approach that encompasses peer support, education, and bespoke resource production.

The charity provides a safe space for anyone who identifies as part of the queer spectrum and has had an experience with any kind of cancer – at any stage – from testing, diagnosis, treatment, remission and through to long-term care.


Pancreatic Cancer UK




Pancreatic Cancer UK provides expert, personalised support and information via their Support Line and through a range of publications. They fund innovative research to find the breakthroughs that will change how we understand, diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer. They also campaign for change; for better care, treatment and research and for pancreatic cancer to have the recognition it needs.

“Pancreatic cancer is the toughest of cancer challenges. It’s tough to diagnose, tough to treat, tough to research and tough to survive. But we’re taking it on.”

The charity’s vision is that everyone with pancreatic cancer survives to live long and well. They aim to transform the future for pancreatic cancer by funding research breakthroughs, campaigning for changes to treatment and care and supporting people when they need it the most.


Salivary Gland Cancer UK





Salivary Gland Cancer UK is a charity for those with rare salivary gland cancers such as Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, Acinic Cell Carcinoma, Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma. The charity builds an information and support network for people affected by, or treating, these conditions.

Through patient-clinician collaboration, they have formulated 8 core aims, which drive their work:

  1. To build support and information networks for patients.
  2. Support advances in the understanding of the experience of living with and beyond these cancers, and the development of interventions to improve this experience.
  3. Improve the rate of early diagnosis for salivary gland cancers.
  4. Optimise the pathways to diagnosis.
  5. Support the development of standardised guidelines for the management and surveillance of individual salivary gland cancers.
  6. Understand the effectiveness of different types of radiotherapy for specific salivary gland cancers.
  7. Support the development of surgical and radiotherapy treatments to deliver improved survivorship and quality-of-life post-treatment for salivary gland cancer patients.
  8. Support the development of standard drug treatments for salivary gland cancers to improve life expectancy and survivorship.





MOVE Charity was founded in 2016 by international athlete Gemma Hillier-Moses to provide people with the support that she never received when she was diagnosed with cancer aged 24. Gemma is a huge advocate for keeping moving when living with and beyond cancer and through the work of MOVE Charity she hopes to support and inspire others that are affected by cancer, their family, friends and healthcare professionals to Move Against Cancer.

MOVE’s vision is to Inspire, empower and enable children and young people living with and beyond cancer to focus on their physical and mental well-being, supporting them to make small changes to create a happier and healthier life.

The MOVE team directly with children and young people on exercise and cancer, mindset and lifestyle. Making small changes to being more active and focusing on a healthier lifestyle can make a big difference to their lives.


We are incredibly excited to hear these charities sharing their insights at Oncology Professional Care this May across our content theatres. However, we are delighted to be working with even more charities and charitable organisations beyond speaking sessions, you can see the full list of organisations exhibiting at the show here.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear these charities taking to the stage to explore their work in the oncology community. You can still register to attend for the show here.



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