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Oncology Professional Care 2024
21-22 May at ExCeL London

Oncology Professional Care is the must-attend, multi-disciplinary event delivering free CPD-certified learning for the entire oncology community.

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We are unfortunately unable to allow patients to attend this event

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Meet the Oncology Professional Care Partners: Part One

Oncology Professional Care is proud to be supported by an array of partners who contribute to and champion learning for the entire oncology community.

Here’s our first round of introductions to the Oncology Professional Care partners for 2024...



Embedded in Oncology Professional Care 2024 will be the annual meeting of the European and
International Network of Sinonasal Cancer Research and Brain Tumour Research.

EUSICA is a group of physicians, surgeons and scientists, working collaboratively in the field of sinonasal cancers, nasopharyngeal cancer and skull base tumours. EUSICA works closely with partners across Europe and the globe. As a non-hierarchical, multi-disciplinary, multi-national collaboration of centres across Europe, the UK & Ireland, they offer a platform for collaboration. 

They have also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Cole-Reagins Registry for Sinonasal Cancer (CORSICA) which has been ratified at the 4th EUSICA Board meeting. The aim of this collaboration is to harmonise prospective data collection for a global analysis of data in years to come and further work is currently ongoing to harmonise the data collection across all platforms.

This feeds into work on a global network, i.e. the International Network of Sinonasal Cancer, Nasopharyngeal Cancer and Brain Cancer Research (INSICA-Brain; which has so far been the vehicle to publish multicentre collaborative papers on the largest datasets on these tumors worldwide, data which informs about improvements of staging systems and guidelines.

Both EUSICA and INSICA-Brain are initiatives and are formally supported and embedded in the work of the Head and Neck Cancer Research Trust ( through which this work and the annual meetings are funded and through which donations can be received.



We are delighted to be partnering with RadChat – the hugely successful radiotherapy podcast, hosted by the multi-award winning therapeutic radiographers Jo McNamara and Naman Julka-Anderson – to deliver the ‘Radchat Radiotherapy Theatre’.

This brand-new theatre will ensure the spotlight is firmly on the treatment innovations and cutting-edge technologies which are transforming radiotherapy today. As well as practical case studies and in-depth demonstrations, the patient voice will be at the centre of all the sessions. Jo, Naman and their speakers will ensure as well as expertise, compassion is at the heart of the conversations on stage. This is an opportunity for the wider oncology community to increase their understanding of radiotherapy, and the highly qualified practitioners who deliver treatments.

Rad Chat won the European Federation of Radiological Societies patient-centred care award for Europe in 2022, the regional and overall, UK team of the year 2022 from the Society of Radiographers, Naman also won London and overall UK radiographer of the year 2022.

The podcast is designed to educate and inform healthcare professionals working in oncology, endorsed by CPD Now. Alongside every podcast are some CPD activities and reflective questions, with links to recording your CPD, resources and research. It is split into four core themes: education and workforce development, people living with and beyond cancer, equality, diversity and inclusion and leadership. The podcast is an easily accessible platform to promote the oncology profession and share patient stories and experiences.



BOPA is the British Oncology Pharmacy Association, founded in the autumn of 1996 and grew out of the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA).

The purpose of BOPA, which is a registered charity, is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer through education, communication, research and innovation by an alliance of hospital, community and academic pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, those in the pharmaceutical industry and other healthcare professionals.

BOPA’s principal objective is to promote excellence in the pharmaceutical care of patients with cancer, thereby improving their quality of life. We aim to do this within our ten Mission Statements. Joining the BOPA community gives you access to education, resources and networking opportunities that will help you deliver the very best care to patients living with cancer.


   blood cancer

Blood Cancer UK is a UK-based charity dedicated to funding research into all blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma, as well as offering information and support to blood cancer patients.

Blood Cancer UK's vision is to beat blood cancer. They invest money into blood cancer research to ensure that all patients have their disease diagnosed early and accurately, receive personal, targeted treatments which are effective and have minimal side effects in order to beat or manage their cancer. Since 1960, we've invested over £500 million in blood cancer research, transforming treatments and saving lives. Right now, their community is funding 360 researchers across the UK who are searching for the next breakthrough. Their research has already helped transform treatments and taken us to the point where the day we will beat blood cancer is now in sight.

As well as looking for a cure in the future, they are helping people right now. They’re there for people when they need someone to talk to, whether on the phone or online, and they offer health information people can trust, in a language they can understand. Furthermore, they also campaign for change, helping make sure that people get the health care they deserve and that new treatments that come from research breakthroughs are available on the NHS.

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