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Paxman Scalp Cooling

Paxman Scalp Cooling

Stand: F26
Paxman Scalp Cooling

The PAXMAN Scalp Cooling System, developed by the Paxman family reduces chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA) in cancer patients. The concept behind the system came when the mother of four, Sue Paxman, experienced first-hand the trauma of CIA.   Now, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of scalp cooling equipment, PAXMAN have close to 4,000 Scalp Cooling Systems installed worldwide.   

CIA can compromise a patient’s quality of life, negatively impacting on body image, self-esteem and depriving patients of their privacy.  The prospect of CIA sometimes causes patients to refuse treatment.

A proven way of combatting CIA, scalp cooling can result in a high level of retention or completely preserve the hair. For patients, this means the opportunity to regain some control, maintain privacy and encourage a positive attitude towards treatment.

The NCCN® Clinical Practice Guidelines in oncology (Version 1.2019) recommend scalp cooling as a category 2A treatment option for patients with invasive breast cancer and ovarian cancer, fallopian tube cancer and primary peritoneal cancer who are receiving chemotherapy to reduce the incidence of CIA.

The leading professional organisation for medical oncology, European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), has updated Clinical Practice Guidelines for Dermatological Toxicities Related to Anticancer Agents to include the recommendation of scalp cooling for the prevention of CIA as a Category IIB recommendation, as does the ‘Guidance for the management of early breast cancer’ by Cancer Australia.

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PAXMAN – Pioneers in Scalp Cooling.


International House, Penistone Road Fenay Bridge,
United Kingdom
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