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Understanding Cardio-oncology and Potential Impacts on Patients


Understanding Cardio-oncology and Potential Impacts on Patients

24 May 2022
Clinical Excellence in Surgery and Therapeutics
Understanding Cardio-oncology and Potential Impacts on Patients
Cardio-oncology is a new multidisciplinary field that involves the management of cardiovascular side effects in patients receiving anti-cancer therapies . Recent advances in clinical oncology resulted in an increased number of anti-cancer drugs that have a direct effect on the heart. Early diagnosis, prevention, risk stratification, early treatment and serial monitoring are the major principles of cardio-oncology. Although some patients experience cardiotoxicity secondary to anti-cancer treatment, the rest complete their treatment without any alteration in cardiac functions. Risk factors may have an effect on developing cardiotoxicity in patients receiving cardiotoxic anti-cancer drugs. Optimal management of cardio-oncology patients should be based on inter-professional collaboration.
Hasan Kobat, PhD researcher in Cardio-Oncology - Kingston University London
Carl Booth, Consultant Pharmacist for Cancer Services and Head of the Chemotherapy Service - Airedale NHS
Shereen Nabhani-Gebara, Associate Professor of Oncology Kingston University London - Chair of the research committee at the British Oncology Pharmacy Association