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Living with incontinence - a patient perspective


Living with incontinence - a patient perspective

24 May 2022
Living With and Beyond Cancer
It is hard to understand how important urinary continence is to normal life until it is no longer there. It is one of the most feared outcomes of treatment for prostate cancer – but can also be a problem with many other disease processes. Men, particularly, rarely talk about it and often ‘suffer in silence’ believing nothing can be done. The impact on the patient can be huge both physiologically and psychologically. I know full well the consequences of major urinary incontinence and, by talking frankly and openly about it, I have met many other similar patients and shared their experiences. Managing incontinence is very individual. There are no rights or wrongs. However minor the incontinence may seem to others, it is the impact on the patient that matters – not how much urine they may be leaking. Patients often have to fight hard for treatment – and that is totally wrong.
Stephen Allen, Patient Representative - Tackle Prostate Cancer