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Improving the Clinical Trials Experience for Blood Cancer Patients


Improving the Clinical Trials Experience for Blood Cancer Patients

24 May 2022
Clinical Excellence in Surgery and Therapeutics

The pandemic has showcased the clear link between research and better outcomes and is the single most important way in which we can improve outcomes. In 2015 the American Leukaemia and Lymphoma Society identified many obstacles prevented cancer patients from participating in clinical trials including accessibility and eligibility so piloted a service to support blood cancer patients in finding and enrolling on clinical trials.  Blood Cancer UK recognised a similar service was much needed in the UK and embarked on a 3-year pilot project with similar aims.  The Clinical Trials Support Service was born in mid-2020 and as the project nears the end of the second year, 170 service users have made initial contact with the service despite the lack of any formal marketing campaign, strongly demonstrating the unmet need of this community for support regarding clinical trials.

Jane Nunnick, Clinical Trials Nurse Advisor - Blood Cancer Uk