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Integration of Genetic Diagnostics in Cancer Patient Management.


Integration of Genetic Diagnostics in Cancer Patient Management.

25 May 2022
Oncology Workshops
Integration of Genetic Diagnostics in Cancer Patient Management.

A cancer diagnosis can surely be one of the most devastating diagnoses that a person can receive. Cancer treatment nowadays cannot be seen as “one size fits all”, but it has to be fluid; tailored to the patient’s unique genetic profile and special needs, and also to be tweakable depending on the patient’s disease course. Thus, the management of a cancer patient’s treatment requires a deep understanding of cancer biology and the most modern high throughput technologies, through which the genetic make up of the tumour can be unravelled in favour of possible therapeutic purposes.

We at CeGaT combine state-of-the-art sequencing solutions together with over a decade’s expertise in tumour diagnostics for the merit of your patients. Our tumour diagnostics portfolio encompasses a wide range of sequencing packages; we have a solution for every patient and every tumour type. We offer dedicated tumour-specific smaller panels that analyse a handful of therapy relevant genes, as well as wider panels that analyse all the currently known cancer related genes, such as our gold-standard CancerPrecision panel. In addition, our liquid biopsy- and  exome-based approaches complement your genetic diagnostics and address the specific needs of your patient.

We at CeGaT strongly believe that genetic testing is not an “one time only” process, but should also be implemented for continuous patient monitoring after the initial diagnosis and treatment. To monitor your patient’s treatment efficacy and identify possible recurrences early, we offer highly sensitive disease monitoring approaches based on both liquid biopsy and solid tumour samples.

We at CeGaT constantly strive to deliver the most qualitative genetic testing in the market and to make this available to as many cancer patients as possible. Our highly qualified team of biomedical scientists, oncologists and geneticists always ensures the highest quality and most up-to-date services.

Do not hesitate to talk to us about your patient’s special needs. Together we can find the best possible genetic testing approach for them! 

Dr. Angelos Vachaviolos, Tumour Diagnostics Sales Coordinator - CeGat