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Move Against Cancer. The Why, the How and the Impact.


Move Against Cancer. The Why, the How and the Impact.

25 May 2022
Living With and Beyond Cancer

Review the evidence regarding the benefits of physical activity for those living with and after cancer; Share the impact of the Move online one-to-one cancer rehab programme for teenagers and young adults with cancer; Discuss a national community based initiative (5K Your Way, Move Against Cancer) working with parkrun to support people living with and after cancer to stay active. Use lived patient experiences to highlight how support to stay active can change lives.

Luke Grenfell-Shaw, Speaker, Cyclist, CanLiver, Expedition Leader of Bristol2Beijing - Bristol2Beijing
Georgie Freeman, 5k Your Way, Move Against Cancer Operational Manager - Move Charity
Helen Murray, Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist - Move Charity
Lucy Gossage - Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust